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Hey guys! If you have been following my blog awhile then you know that I am an eco-friendly diva. That is why I coined myself the Healthinista. I embody all things healthy. I am not high maintenance, but when it comes to my health, I am.  From the foods that I eat, to the clothes that I wear, I like to research the brand’s company to see who I am supporting. I support brands that truly care for the planet and people’s health. Of course, we can never be 100% in everything that we buy, but I try to be conscious when I purchase a product.

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Think about it…Have you ever thought of researching the company’s product you purchase? Every time you buy something, you support that brand. Things that make you hmm…right? What are you REALLY supporting?
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Today’s brand I am featuring on my blog is Threads 4 Thought. They have an AH-MAZING casual clothes and active wear made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and beech pulp. I bought a t-shirt a couple years ago from them and fell in love with not only the products, but the company. You can read more about the company and their mission here.

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Being a Healthinista, my closet is filled with tons of workout clothes. When I found out Threads 4 Thought had workout clothes, I was like NO WAY! I bought a few pieces to test them out and sure enough, they are the most comfortable workout clothes and very stylish too! Check out the half lotus crop pants I am wearing. Love these fun colors! You can dress them up bright colors or add black to it.
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Here are the details to this workout outfit.
Workout crop pants
Tank top
Black mesh hoodie
Running shoes
Stella McCartney black backpack purse

Photography by Anthony Chiang

Healthy never goes out of style,



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Make the gym your runway! Gone are the days of baggy cotton sweat pants and oversized t-shirts. If you are still wearing that, then you are living in the 1990’s. Come join us in 2015. No matter what your size or insecurity, the workout clothes today will make you feel beautiful! We work out to feel good, why not work out and look good too.

Loving all the new dri-fit so you don’t see sweat. I don’t know about you, but if you are wearing cotton, you can see crotch and butt sweat which is not cool and totally embarrassing for you. The new workout materials don’t show a hint of sweat anywhere on your body. Only your face will show how hard you have worked. Plus, I love the new materials that hide cellulite. I don’t care how fit you are, many women naturally have cellulite. The new gym gear shapes your body to hide the worst flaws. So, get you some new gym swag and work it!

Some of my favorite places to shop at are:
Six 02
Lulu Lemon
Carbon 38
Lorna Jane

Healthy never goes out of style!

Model: Me
Photographer: Wade Livingston
Pink sports bra: Nike
Black mesh top: Lorna Jane
Reptile pants: Six 02
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Black wedge sneakers: Top Moda



‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe


Get ready to rock this fall boot trend this season. Yes, I do wear something other than sneakers, I promise. I know…shocker! I traded them in for some long sexy black boots. Why stop at the knee when you can go thigh high right? Over the knee boots are all the rage and I LOVE it! They have every heel and color for your own personal style. You can wear them sexy with a short skirt, glamourous in a little dress, or casual with skinny jeans. Check out 3 ways you can style your thigh high boots this fall.
Boots: Here
Handbag: (Last season) Similar handbag: Here, Here , and Here

Cocktail Party
Put your party boots on and grab a cocktail. Time to show those gorgeous gams booted up in a mini skirt or that tiny little black dress you have been dying to wear. These boots will be the life of the party!
Boots: Here
Silver clutch: Here
Sequin skirt: Express (Sold out, bummer, I know! You have to be quick this season) Similar sequin skirt: here and here
Black Blouse: BCBG (Sold out) Similar shirt here
Black chandelier earrings: Here
wine purse

Comfy in the City
It’s a chilly fall day and you want to meet some girlfriends for lunch. Throw on some skinny jeans and a sweater with these boots. Your boots will be the talk of the town!
White jeans


Casual Around Town
Throw on some skinny jeans and your favorite old white t-shirt with these boots and watch heads turn. Wrap around a plaid button up and you are ready to rock the town!
Mirror aviator sunglasses
White burnout t-shirt
Blue skinny jeans
Stella McCartney handbag
Michael Kors silver watch
Black wraparound on watch
Plaid button up shirt

Over the knee Do’s and Don’ts:
DO: Wear thigh high boots with absolute confidence! Rock what you’ve got!
DON’T: Pair thigh high boots with a knee high (or longer) dress. You’ll lose the sexy effect of wearing boots that pass the knee because no one can see them!

Have fun and enjoy the trend!

Photographer: Lorrie Followwell
Model: Me


One purse, three different looks! A little #flashbackfriday to my favorite summer purse.

Gunas 23Gym Glam It’s #fbf to my 2015 summer wardrobe! It may be fall weather in other places, but it 95 degrees here in Dallas in October. My fall wardrobe is waiting in my closet for me to wear. (Looks like it may be awhile before I wear you. Sniff sniff.) In the meantime, I wanted to share three of my past favorite summer looks. So I found this AH-MAZING white cross body purse from Gunas in the earlier this year. It was my summer go to fashion accessory whether I was wearing workout clothes or dressed up. I just saw that they just released it in charcoal gray for fall. I think it would be perfect with a sweater and jeans or a fun sweater dress with boots look. also, my Kate Spade sunnies were fun to wear with everything. Having a round face, cat eyed sunglasses are good for balancing out my full cheeks. gunas 1

Brunch Chic On this crossbody bag, you can take off the long handle and hold it by the short handle for a more polished look. I love the versatility of it! My favorite part of the Gunas handbag beside going with everything in my wardrobe, is that it is cruelty-free. It is 100% vegan leather and it looks and feels like REAL leather. I get compliments every time I wear it. A beautiful well structured crossbody bag has become a staple in every one’s closet these days. Being cruelty-free is the new black these days You get to look fashionable and feel good about wearing your purchase.

gunas 2

Boho in the City Another one of my favorite looks for my crossbody purse for this past summer was Boho style. Gladiator sandals and a flowy shawl will make any look Boho chic. And what is Boho without a big floppy hat, right? I will wear this hat into the fall/winter as well. I love how this hat can be worn most of the year. It has been my go to hat on those bad hair days but yet I still look put together with little effort. I miss summer but can’t wait to wear my fall wardrobe either! Hopefully it will cool down here in Dallas soon. I have some fun fashionable cruelty-free fashion to show you guys. Happy Friday!

What is your favorite fall cruelty-free fashion find? Love learning new things from you guys!


Balls To The Wall

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Photographer: Sarah Orbanic  |  MUA: Julianne Kaye
Place: Weeses Pieces  |  Model:  Marzia Prince