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Hey Healthinistas!

It starts with one. One decision to change your life. One person to help you get started. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time. One belief that you can be better that you were yesterday. That is what I did. I took a chance and changed my life.

I have been a fitness professional for 12 years. I train clients in the gym and online. As a fitness trainer, I personally hit my max amount of client per week l could train in the gym limiting my income potential. Thankfully, I found It Works two years ago and incorporated into my business doubling my income in 5 months and earning an additional $25,000 in bonuses in 2 months. If you are a fitness professional and ready to take your business to the next level or just want to work from home, let me coach you to six figure success the It Works way. It Works has changed my life and it can change yours too. I am excited to share this opportunity with you!

When I look for products or supplements for myself, it has to be organic or non-gmo. That is important to me. Especially if I use it daily. Did you know that It Works has owned their own organic farms since 2011? Yep! All their products are 100% non-gmo. I like that their products are plant-based and made from a botanical blend. They are cutting edge in the Network Marketing Industry. I feel good about recommending non-gmo plant-based products to my clients.

Besides the numerous testimonials I get on a daily basis from It Works products, my clients can get paid to be healthy and transform too. When they join my 90 day transformation as a loyal customer or distributor, they can recommend products and make a commission off each one. When you look and feel good, people want to know what you are doing. This is a way for my clients to make some extra cash and earn free products as well. Look good and get paid for that? Yes please!

Most people have a 9 am-5 pm type of job. As a trainer, I had a 5 am to 9 pm type of job. I train people before they go to work, at lunch, and after work. Plus, on my downtime from training my clients, I had to train myself and write workout programs. You could say I worked long days! After 12 years, I was getting tired of waking up at 4-5 am and working so late. Even though I loved what I did. There had to be a better way. After discovering what It Works could do for me and fitness business, I had the luxury of retiring from early mornings and super late nights. What an exciting time that was for me. Now, I wake at 6 or 7 am and I don’t work super late at night. I am loving my new hours and I get make more financially. A win win for me, my health, and my business.

If you are interested in learning more about It Works products, click here.

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If you have any questions, please email me at and I can show you how to incorporate It Works in your current business.

I’m ready to coach you to be the best you can be in life!


Debt free is the new sexy!


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