strawberries-blogLooking for a healthier sweet treat to make for your next holiday party? Then the Healthinista has a recipe for you! Try this decadent low calorie Santa Berries appetizer dish. This recipe is easy to make and fun for your guest to eat! They are vegan, gluten-free, and delicious!
strawberries1-blogClean and wash as many strawberries as you need. Cut them in half horizontally so that you have a “Santa body” and a “Santa hat”.
strawberries-2You can make your own whip cream by hand or use my favorite brand SO Delicious Coco Whip. They have regular and light version of this vegan coconut whip cream. It really lives up to their name, it is soooo delicious! (I buy extra and freeze it for different recipes.) Put whip cream in a plastic zip lock baggie and cut edge off so you can use it as a piping bag to squeeze whip on strawberry. Squeeze whip cream on bottom part of body then put other strawberry half on. Squeeze whip cream to make a white ball on top of Santa hat and 3 small dots in front for white buttons. Use 2 black sesame seeds as eyes.
strawberries-3-blogUse 2 black sesame seeds as eyes.
strawberries-4-blogIt is that simple! 3 ingredients and easy to make. Make sure not to make them until right before guest arrive. Also make sure to keep them in the fridge until ready to serve to prevent whip cream from melting.

Santa Berries
Whip cream
Black sesame seeds

Clean strawberries and cut in half. Put whip cream in a zip lock bag and cut off edge or use plastic piping bag for frosting. Put whip cream on strawberry bottom half, Put the strawberry tip on, put cream on top of Santa hat, and 2 white buttons. Place 2 black sesame seeds as eyes. Keep in fridge until ready to serve.

Have a healthy holiday season!



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