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Hey guys! If you have been following my blog awhile then you know that I am an eco-friendly diva. That is why I coined myself the Healthinista. I embody all things healthy. I am not high maintenance, but when it comes to my health, I am.  From the foods that I eat, to the clothes that I wear, I like to research the brand’s company to see who I am supporting. I support brands that truly care for the planet and people’s health. Of course, we can never be 100% in everything that we buy, but I try to be conscious when I purchase a product.

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Think about it…Have you ever thought of researching the company’s product you purchase? Every time you buy something, you support that brand. Things that make you hmm…right? What are you REALLY supporting?
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Today’s brand I am featuring on my blog is Threads 4 Thought. They have an AH-MAZING casual clothes and active wear made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and beech pulp. I bought a t-shirt a couple years ago from them and fell in love with not only the products, but the company. You can read more about the company and their mission here.

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Being a Healthinista, my closet is filled with tons of workout clothes. When I found out Threads 4 Thought had workout clothes, I was like NO WAY! I bought a few pieces to test them out and sure enough, they are the most comfortable workout clothes and very stylish too! Check out the half lotus crop pants I am wearing. Love these fun colors! You can dress them up bright colors or add black to it.
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Here are the details to this workout outfit.
Workout crop pants
Tank top
Black mesh hoodie
Running shoes
Stella McCartney black backpack purse

Photography by Anthony Chiang

Healthy never goes out of style,



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