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As I reflect on my 2015 year, I can’t help but think how proud of myself I am. I have accomplished so many goals and then some came up by surprise. I have worked so hard for some dream goals and achieved them and I also worked hard for other goals and failed miserably. But don’t worry, not sad about it. Life is a series of ups and downs. It is all about working hard and trying to achieve the impossible even if it takes a few times to get there. Sometimes one path may work and sometimes you have to find another path to get there. I believe part of it is timing and part of it is meeting the right people. I have had so many great accomplishments for 2015 it would be a very long blog, so I will share the biggest accomplishment from each month. Sometimes my goals aren’t about me, they are about other people, that it enriches me too. Here are my favorite 12 highlights of my 2015 year-end review.

January 2015
I started the 2015 year by working my second business by slaying it. Yes, I said slayed it. If you didn’t know, I joined It Works in June 2013 to sell their awesome products with my training and nutrition services. The first seven months, I sold only products. Then in Jan 2014, I signed my first distributor and we went to conference to learn the products more in depth, the business, and make new friends. Fast forward to Jan 2015, here I am with 7 of my teammates out of 277 on my team. It was an epic way to start the year. So grateful and blessed these people came into my life. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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February 2015
I got to shoot with one of my old IFBB bikini pro friends, Shelsea Sanchez’s studio, Peachy Keen Studios. We have come along ways since our competing days. We shot in Feb and the ads came out in March. I remember it was super cold that day! Had so much fun getting glammed up that day! Shelsea did my lashes and make up and her business partner did my hair. If you are in need of hair, make up, and lashes, you need to check out Peachy Keen Studios. These ladies rock!
2015 blog 47March 2015
My sponsor SunWarrior came out with the new Classic Plus. It is the Classic protein powder but new and improved! You have got to try this! All SunWarrior ambassadors got to try it first. SunWarrior makes everyone feel super special whether you work there or not. I am blessed to be with a company who is aligned with my core beliefs. Organic, raw, and vegan-three things that are music to my ears. You can try their products here.

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April 2015
This month is a big one for most of my clients. A lot of them have come to me in January after the holidays to do 12 week programs. A lot of them are starting to hit their goals around this time before summer, but for some people it takes longer than 12 weeks, some take 12 months. This was a big moment especially for one of my clients who has been overweight and unhealthy for 16 years. This was her first year to be consistent with exercise and nutrition without being on a fad diet or trying to kill herself and the gym. She did it right for the first time. I am still so proud of her. She used my Healthinista lifestyle program here. I always say, fitness is not a look, it is a lifestyle!
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May 2015
Two epic highlights happened to me this month! One of them is I got to fly to the SunWarrior headquarters in St. George, Utah for the first time and meet everyone. I have been with SunWarrior close to 5 years and it was all via email, phone, and social media. This was the first time I got to meet everyone in person. It was so fun and action packed that I had a blast! I love the SunWarrior culture. Such a strong group that inspired me. Everyone is ready to help you. They say your vibe attracts your tribe and I have found my tribe! They make you feel like an old friend at home. On that trip, I did a yoga headstand on a paddleboard for the very first time!  After 9 BIG spills into the lake, I got it the 10th time. If you have never been to St. George, Utah, you have to go. Breathtaking views! Cheers to SunWarrior and their inspirational family.
2015 blog 12headstand on paddleboard

June 2015
My Dallas It Works team was getting bigger and bigger, people were promoting left and right so I selected my some of my main leaders to do a photo shoot with me. I love how It Works can connect different people from all over the world. I have made new friends for life, whether we do business or not.  It has been a fun year of growing my team and learning new business strategies. I love that I get to help people get both physically, mentally, and financially fit. Can’t wait to see what 2016 hold for my It Works team!
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July 2015
Not only do I train people in person at the gym, I train them online as well. Training online is not for the weak, you have to be strong in willpower to follow the workout and nutrition plans on your own. Meet Lys Lacour. The strongest 22 year old I know. She was going to college full time and in her last semester of her senior year and just graduated when she competed. She had a full platter and still made it work with her schedule. This was her first time lifting super heavy in the gym and her first competition. She flew out to see me right before she competed to do some last chance workouts and for posing class. She did sooooooo amazing! I was proud of her placing in the top 5 for her first bikini fitness competition. This year we are training again and so excited to see where her journey will take her. Happy to be a little part of her health journey and even happier for her life transformation. Love you Lys!
2015 blog 18lys

August 2015
I flew out to Vegas for the annual It Works leadership retreat. This retreat is like food for the soul. It not only inspires you to be a better leader in your business, it inspires you be a better person. This was my 2nd year to go on stage in front of thousands of people and talk about how I incorporated It Works in my current fitness business and give them words of encouragement. If you knew back in the day I was super shy and very insecure and still have my moments. I am learning to grow out of this with life experience. This year, I was still terrified but I put my big girl panties on and did it. Cheers to getting out of your comfort zone.
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September 2015
This is a special month for me because it is my birthday month! But this month was extra special because I turned 41, got nominated as Dallas’s Top 10 Most Influential Women in Dallas, and I launched my healthy lifestyle blog. I was honored along with many other special women like Pat Smith, Toni Munoz-Hunt, and Tiffany Hendra to name a few. All of us have inspired so many people in so many different ways. We enjoyed a day of being pampered in a suite with the other ladies snacking fun food and getting to know each other backstage. I had the time of my life. We did a fitness fashion for Brick Betty and it was hosted by Laurie Graham Events. Laurie Graham came into my life in March 2015. I met her at the gym and started training her and we have been friends ever since. I believe she came into my life for a reason. I can’t sing enough praises about this girl, so I will let you read more about her here! She is such an uplifting soul.
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October 2015
I have so many goals and dreams to accomplish in life. One of them was to do photography. Ever since I started fitness modeling 10 years ago, I have fallen in love with the art of photography. I love all the behind the scenes of a shoot. It is hair, make up, wardrobe, collaborating on the theme, where it will be shot, and post-production. There is so much involved. I LOVE different photography styles too! So this year, I told myself to take photography classes to learn my camera and that is what I did. I shot my friend DJ Fugue for my first shot and had a blast. Even though, I made a ton of mistakes, it was a fun shoot. And I am so happy it was him for my first shoot, he was an easy personality to shoot. Plus, I got to meet a new friend in class named Lorrie Followwell and we get to learn together! Cheers to learning something new every year!
2015 blog 31
johnNovember 2015
I got to fly out to surprise my brother for his 40th birthday. He moved to Oviedo, Orlando after 20 years in the Air Force. Proud of him. He is on his second career and has an amazing family. I felt so blessed to have spent this past 40 years here and there through life with such a cool brother. I learn from him and he learns from me. Cheers to another 40 year little bro! And yes, I will surprise you for your 80th birthday even though you may not remember me. Love you!
little vicgutierrez family11

December 2015
Now I couldn’t have made it through this year (or this life) without my rock, my husband Keith. This man has changed my life over the past 12 ½ years. He has watched my journey through good and bad and happy and sad. I am so blessed to go through this life with him. December is my lovers birthday month, Christmas, and then New Years. So we celebrate all month every day because there is so much to celebrate! (Not kidding either.) Happy birthday to the love of my life!
2015 blog 43

December 31st, 2015
Thank you for reading what makes my life so special. I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016! See you next year!
2015 blog 22Love and lunges,






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