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For the past few years I have gotten into yoga because my body was so  tight after many years of bikini bodybuilding for fitness competitions. The bi-monthly massages and chiropractic sessions were still not cutting it. I knew that my body needed a deeper stretch and I felt imbalanced. So I decided to try yoga one day.

I was NOT a fan of my first yoga class. I was trained mentally to have aggressive workout sessions that I felt that it wasn’t doing anything. But something in me told me to give it try and don’t quit. At first I had a love/hate relationship with it. I hated every moment when I was in class. It was so hard, the stretches hurt, and I was as flexible as a dry twig. I was going to snap a hamstring at any moment. But with each session, I loved how I felt afterwards. I was slowly begin to mentally accept it and have an open mind.

I begin to embrace the athleticism of yoga. Some of the poses blew my mind that I am determined to be a yogi now. I have come far, but still have a long ways to go. Back in the day I could leg press 500 lbs. but I could not hold up my own 135 lbs. body weight. Weird huh! I could not do a headstand at all. With months of practice, I could now do a headstand on a paddle board in the water. This was a highlight for me as I hit my 40’s. Yoga taught me a new mind muscle connection than bodybuilding. I crave yoga now and know when my body needs it. Funny how even as a fitness professional for 12 years trained to do one thing, your fitness changes and you evolve. I love where I am with my fitness right now. I feel more centered with my mind, body, and soul.

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I love an organic holistic lifestyle. If you are new to my blog, welcome! I love being eco-friendly. My soul gravitates towards that. I look for brands that are organic, fair-trade, have high ethical, and environmental conscious standards. And that includes my workout clothes too. I recently came across some great yoga wear called Yoga Smoga. When I went to their website, it was music to my eyes!! I loved what I saw! I loved what I read! Please give this amazing company a read. It is a eco-chics dream workout wardrobe that you can feel good about buying. When I wear Yoga Smoga, it feels as good as my yoga practice.

The yoga wheel you see me using in my images is called a Dharma Yoga Wheel. I saw this wheel on Instagram. It has helped me stretch and release tension where I have muscular tightness in my body. It also, helps me get deeper into my yoga poses and serves as a great tool instead of using the wall for some poses.

Yoga Clothes: Yoga Smoga
Dharma Wheel: Get here
Photographer: Wade Livingston






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