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Marzia Prince is an award winning international fitness expert with over 12 years of experience. She is certified personal trainer with expertise in all genres of fitness. She holds many certifications including physical fitness, pre/postnatal, geriatrics, nutrition, bio-mechanics in resistance training, and life coaching. Not only does she teach health and wellness, Marzia took her fitness to the next level and became a bikini fitness competitor in her 30’s.


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She went on to win the 2007 Ms Bikini Universe at 32 years old. This launched her fitness modeling career. She was one of the pioneers that brought the bikini fitness bodies to the bodybuilding world. She was also one of the very first IFBB bikini pros and earned the 3rd IFBB bikini pro card ever at 35 years old. She was an IFBB bikini pro competitor for 5 years which landed her a spokes modeling gig with heavyweight supplement giant Gaspari Nutrition. Marzia was the original Gaspari girl in their award winning ads. She has been on countless covers and layouts through the bodybuilding and fitness industry that include Oxygen, Iron Man, Fitness, Natural Muscle, and many more.




Through her health journey, Marzia went the organic holistic path. She now believes in a plant-based diet. She is currently signed with SunWarrior, and organic holistic company that aligned with her core beliefs. Being an athlete and fitness model has helped Marzia understand different areas of health and fitness. She is finally at her health bliss at this stage in her life. The holistic and wellness lifestyle is Marzia Prince’s passion that she created the brand Healthinista to educate women to design their own bodies via fitness and food. She believes being healthy will never go out of style.





With all the photoshoots she did over the years, she realized that her passion was not only for holistic health, but for cruelty-free fashion, photography, wardrobe styling, make up, and hosting. Many fitness shoots styled her old school 80’s or generic fitness wear. Marzia would change her wardrobe and amp it up so that it looked more high fashion. Now in her 40’s, she has started her own fitness and fashion blog called the Healthinista, due to all her fans asking her for health and fitness fashion advice. Much like a fashionista styles you with clothes, Marzia styles you with health. All her styling from food to fashion is cruelty-free. One of her favorite catch phrases you will hear her say is “Faux real?”


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Marzia resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and 3 dogs. Besides being healthy, Marzia loves to travel, hang out with her girls eating Tex-Mex, photography, blogging, and renovating her home.





Body Design University, Atlanta GA

Plant-Based Nutrition, eCornell University

The Cooper Institute, Dallas, Texas

  • Certified Physical Fitness Specialist
  • Certified Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Instructor
  • Certified in Biomechanics in Resistance Training
  • Certified in Senior Fitness (65 and older)
  • Certified in Coaching Healthy Behaviors
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified in Dietary Guidance



  • STC-Suspension Training Course
  • GSTC-Group Suspension Training Course
  • RTC-Rip Trainer Course
  • FORCE Trainer (Level 2)
  • SMSTC-Sport Medicine (Level 2)



  • Vbarre

Specializing in Women’s Fitness: Bikini bodybuilding competitions, pageants, TV, and runway physiques
competition banner history

  • 2007 Ms. Bikini Universe Winner (1st place, 32 years old)
  • 2007 Model Universe (3rd Place, 32 years old)
  • 2008 FAME Bikini Championship Winner (1st place, 33 years old)
  • 2008 WBFF Bikini Championships-Placed top 10 (6th place, 33 years old)
  • 2009 NPC Florida Europa Bikini Championship Winner (1st place, 34 years old)
  • 2009 NPC Junior USA Bikini Championship (2nd place, 34 years old)
  • 2009 NPC Junior Nationals Bikini Winner-Earned PRO card this show (1st place, 35 years old)
  • 2010 IFBB Bikini Pro Florida Europa Show-Placed top 10 (7th place, 35 years old)

10 most influential


  • 2008 Best Supplement Model
  • 2009 Best Supplement Ad
  • 2015 Top 10 Most Influential Women in Dallas
  • 2016 D Magazine’s Top 8 Trainers to Follow on Instagram