Radiant Woman Summit

Hey ladies!
I have an announcement that I’ve wanted to share with you for WEEKS now, but I was waiting until the right time. Now that everything is finally ironed out, I can share the good news with you.
I’m going to be a speaker on the Radiant Woman Summit hosted by Jessica Leigh: Step into your Power and Grace, Break Through Fear and Magnetically Attract the Life and Love You Want. I mean, seriously! The title alone says it all. But, for some more background, I’ll be discussing how to radiate healthy living from the inside out.
It’s 22 speakers (including me!) that will be dishing out amazing advice on how they overcame various fears in their life and business, as well as tips and advice on how you can do the same. Expect it to get raw and real, and I can promise you that attending will help you realize some serious breakthroughs.
If you’ve been feeling that what you want is out of your reach, and you’re afraid and unsure about how to get there…this summit is FOR YOU. This is that jolt your business needs, and the mindset work that will help you make 2018 a killer year for you and your business.
The cool part about this summit is that it’s entirely virtual and 100% free! That means that you’ll get access to all this amazing information FOR FREE, and you don’t have to change out of your yoga pants or put on makeup. That sounds like heaven to me.
Click here to sign up: https://radiantwomansummit.com/sign-up
Excited to to a part of this to help women fly!



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