What the gut!? Did you know that Americans are eating less than 12 grams of fiber a day? You need a minimum of 25 grams  of fiber ever day for a healthy gut. Eating less than 12 grams a day leads to illnesses and disease over time. Also, let’s get real…it is constipation nation out there. Let’s get that colon rollin’ so that you can have a healthy gut which leads to a healthy body. 

Want a healthy mind too? Did you also know that 70% of your serotonin is made in your gut? Yep! What you eat will effect your mood and determining if you are anxious and depressed or calm and happy. I call processed chemical foods “mood foods”. It will make you moody! Let us show you what foods boost your serotonin so that you can be healthy and happy daily. 

Most people focus on losing weight instead of being healthy. If you focus on being healthy, the weight will come off naturally. Forget the scale and let’s heal your cells from the inside out. WTF Challenge focuses on internal health. When you get your internal health right, the outside: losing weight, and clear hydrated skin is a byproduct of the WTF program.

We want you off the diet! The word “DIET” has die in it. If you keep going from diet to diet, you will eventually die. Get on a lifestyle that is for health not external characteristics like weight loss. If you are healthy, you will maintain a healthy weight for your body. 

And the best part of this program? You get not one plant-based health coach, you get two! Jacque Tarlton and I have paired up to bring you this fiberlicious program. You get 14 days for $14! We have helped so many people get off diets and start a new healthy lifestyle. To join our plant-based WTF Challenge, email: and let’s get started!

Here is our private FB group for this program: WTF Challenge FB Group


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