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If you read my last post about wearing plaid, then you may be shocked I bought another plaid shirt. Yep, I actually saw this on the mannequin and HAD TO have it. I asked the sales lady where they were at and she said that was the last plaid shirt. Luckily it was my size. SOLD!

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What drew me to this particular plaid shirt on the mannequin was the metallic gold thread weaved through the shirt. It looks yellow in this picture, but it is actually shiny metallic gold. I just love shiny things! I thought, yassss, this will look great with my gold hair and jewelry!

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I love how my gold Quay sunglasses with the amber lenses make this plaid shirt pop. It was like they were made for this shirt.

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If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am vegan and gave up my Chanel’s and Louis Vuitton’s handbags a long time ago. I now support cruelty-free companies. I have been veganizing my closet for years now. It has been a process, but worth the journey. This particular bag is Angela Roi. I have 5 of her handbags. Besides Stella McCartney, I am huge fan of her vegan handbag styles. Plus, she gives some of her proceeds to charity. Love shopping and giving back at the same time. This one is fun for casual daytime looks and traveling.

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I found these awesome faux suede over the knee boots and fell in love with the color! Love this rich caramel brown color. I will let you in on a little secret. I wear a size 10 and the calves are always big on size 10 boots. So, I use legwarmers to fill out the calf area. Been doing that boot trick for awhile. I wish that boot makers would consider making small, medium, and large calves on boots. For some reason when you wear a 10, the calves are HUGE! Maybe one day in the future. Until then, I guess I will be wearing leg warmers underneath.

Plaid shirt

Plaid to the bone,


Baby it’s cold outside! January is the month that Jack Frost comes to visit Dallas. If you like to workout outside and want to give Jack Frost a run for his money, then you will need to dress in warm cozy layers.

I am all about wearing puffer jackets with workout wear these days. I actually have this jacket in three different colors. It is warm in the right places when you need it and you can throw it around your waist when you get hot.

Another great workout piece, is a sexy mesh sweatshirt. Both fashionable and functional! It may seem like you are going to be cold when you first put it on but after that run or outside workout, you will be thankful it has built in ventilation.

Athleta makes the best leggings for workouts. Not too thin and not too thick. Just the right type of fabric for that cold weather. I am just going to be real, I loved these particular leggings because it matched my Patagonia cruelty-free puffer jacket. Who doesn’t love a winter wine colored workout outfit.

At last but not least, you need a great pair of workout shoes. Depending on the type of workout you do, you need to get a pair of shoes that fits your needs. I like to go on runs to clear my mind. These Nike kicks are for running. They feel like socks. Love the lighter material running shoes these days!

Patagonia Puffer Jacket
Athleta Leggings
Carbon38 Sweatshirt
Nike Running Shoes

Fashionably Fit,


editedReady, set, sparkle…time to start the year with a clean slate and shine into 2017! This winter white cape suit is the perfect New Year’s outfit to do just that.
edited1You are not going to believe this outfit was a bargain lovers dream AKA super cheap! Yep! I wore it to a white Christmas holiday party and the compliment came pouring in. Nobody could believe this fabulous outfit was that cheap. The white capelet stole the show when I walked in to the party.
edited4When you take your cape off, get ready to catch everyone’s eye with this spaghetti strap sequin tank top. This sparkling sequin top was $16! You will never guess where I got it from…here.
edited2Add metallic accessories to shine even more. I got this metallic envelope clutch a few years ago and occasionally break it out for special occasions. Here is a similar updated one that I need to get for myself here.
edited3I love these gun metal pumps.With the chilly weather here in Dallas and a busy room full a people at the New Years party, the best type of shoes of ones that cover your toes. Keep them warm and protected from being stepped on. They look sleek with these straight legged pants from White House Black Market.

Sequin top
Metallic envelope clutch
Metallic shoes
White pants
White capelet

Have a safe and Happy New Years!


arctic-air arctic-air1 arctic-air2 arctic-air3 arctic-air4 arctic-air5Even though it looks like fall, it is officially winter here in Dallas. The air is arctic cold and all we are missing is the snow. If you are not from Texas, it does not snow in Dallas. Well, maybe an ice storm here and there but no snow. One could dream right? With that being said, time to break out the vegan puffer jacket and beanie over your cozy workout gear. If you like to take your workout outside, you will need extra layers. I like to run the trails in different areas in Dallas. This is the perfect running outfit.

Black vegan puffer coat: Patagonia
Black beanie: Athleta
Leggings: Athleta
Sweatshirt: Athleta
Black tanks under sweatshirt: Athleta
Black running shoes: Nike

Stay Warm,



plaid-1As a former Catholic school girl, I was not a fan of plaid as an adult. It just reminded me of my old school uniform and awkward years as a child. As the years went by I watched other fashion bloggers rock the plaid pattern in different looks. It grew on me. I had to get a plaid shirt and create my own style. If I was going to buy a plaid shirt, I did not want to look or feel like I was wearing a uniform again, I wanted to be plaid to the bone! plaid-2I paired my plaid shirt up with ripped jeans and a white T shirt. To complete this look, I added my favorite vegan faux leather choker and my Stella McCartney handbag. I wanted it to have a rocker chic vibe to it.

plaid-3When it comes to a rocker chic look, I love wearing lots of silver jewelry. I added silver hoop earrings, a necklace, and  a few stack-able rings.

plaid-4Jeans are always a fashion staple, but ripped up jeans give this look a rocker chic feel.

plaid-5Layers are no longer for your clothes, stackable rings help tie this look together. Also the silver chain on this Stella McCartney handbag is an accessory itself.

These vegan faux suede boots from Steve Madden are my new favorite fall boots.

plaid-7I caught up with my fashionista friend Laurie Graham and we went glamping in the city of Dallas. To see her cozy plaid look, you can go to Laurie Graham Style.

Plaid shirt
Black ripped up jeans
White T-shirt
Steve Madden black faux suede boots
Black faux leather choker
Silver stackable rings
Stella McCartney handbag

No longer mad about plaid,


blog-3The holidays are in full effect and that means HOLIDAY PARTIES! I got the perfect party outfit for you. I say put your party pants on, sequin party pants that is, and make a statement when you enter the room. These pants say “Let’s get this party started!” Watch heads turn and get ready for the compliments to pour in all night long. The best part is that these pants are under $90! I love a great deal on something as fabulous as this!

blog-4Stay on trend by pairing this sequin pants with this black built in choker blouse. Just tuck in the front and you will rock any party in style looking effortlessly chic.

blog-2I love going to holiday parties and meeting new people. But let’s get real, the best part is finding something fun to wear! This year I have a few parties to go to and I can’t wait to walk in and show off these sexy sequin pants!

blogLove a BIG bold statement ring that matches the pants too!

blog-6A simple beaded clutch with this look so it does not over power the pants.
photo-dec-03-10-14-36-amAnd the BEST part of the party? Meeting other fabulous people with great style! Meet Laurie Graham. She is a Dallas celebrity fashion stylist. I love following her fashion blog for great styling tips. She can accessorize a paper bag and make it look AH-MAZING! Check out her fabulous fashion blog here to see her holiday glam look featured in this photo:

Black Choker Blouse
Sequin Party Pants
Black Vegan Faux Patent Heels
Beaded Clutch

Let’s get this party started!



Finally it is cold here is Dallas! Hallelujah! I was beginning to wonder when I was going to be able to break out this sexy faux leather moto jacket by BLANKNYC. It had been sitting in my closet for a month now. This isn’t your ordinary black leather jacket look, this camel colored faux leather jacket is a statement piece on its own. I was ready to wear this beauty with some ripped up jeans and a T-shirt. And the BEST part is that this jacket is under $100? Yep!


Cut from deliciously soft pebbled faux leather, this slim-cut jacket adds instant edge to any look. Classic moto detailing from epaulets and snap-down lapels to glossy zip detailing and articulated shoulders and elbows in smooth faux leather contribute to the authentic feel of this wardrobe-staple style.

Be on trend by throwing a on a black faux leather choker and some silver cat eyed aviators to complete the look.

blog-4If you have been following me for awhile, then y’all know that I LOVE my Stella McCartney handbags. I love the silver chain look with this jacket. Lots of silver details make this look pop. Got these cool rings at Express.


Give your ensemble an instant update with the Steve Madden Edit Black Suede High Heel Mid-Calf Boots! Every it-girl will want these vegan suede booties with an almond toe.

Camel Faux Leather Jacket
Silver Cat-eyed Aviators
Faux Leather Choker
Stella McCartney Handbag
Silver Stack Rings
Ripped up Black Jeans
Faux Suede Black Boots
White V-neck T

Time to zip up!


sockThese sock leggings are everything! You will look like you belong to Team Haute! They are fun, sporty, and comfy. What more can a girl ask for when she works out, right?

sock2Just putting them on, I felt more athletic and couldn’t wait to sport these leggings for my workout. I not only got compliments from the girls, but the guys as well. They wanted to know where they could get some for their girl.
sock1Not only do they look awesome, they feel like second skin. They are made from polyester and spandex. The sock inspired bottom is made of mesh. Totally breathable for your hot summer workout. Mesh is a must have for my outside workouts.
sock3To complete this sporty look, you can add a fun sports bra with a peek-a-boo mesh tank that will both be fashionable and functional.

Sock leggings
White mesh tank
Black cut out sports bra
Nike shoes
Lorna Jane wrist band

Photographer: Jeremy Shelby

Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em,




Let your body breathe (literally) in this sheer sexy in the city workout number. With rising temperatures of 100 degrees here in Dallas, what is a girl to wear besides a sports bra and shorts to workout in? Right? This sleek black style takes your love for mesh to the next level where fitness meets function.

With maximum ventilation, you are sure to feel cool in this Texas heat. Whether you are working out outside or in the AC, this sheer gear is sure to turn heads. And why not? You have earned it. All those hours in the gym and eating clean, you deserve to feel sexy in your workout clothes.

Sheer mesh workout clothes are all the rage these past few years. Not only is it peek-a-boo sexy, it is functional. Usually you see a pop a mesh on workout leggings, but this brand takes it over the top, like to the top of the waist bands that is. They don’t mess around with the mesh panels in these leggings. The long mesh panels create a slimming effect while improving airflow through your tough workout.

Accessorize it up with a fun fringe Stella handbag and a sparkly sweatshirt, and you will put the run in runway! Oh, and don’t forget to complete the look with some mirrored shades. A Healthinista has got to look fly when she works out.

Fringe Stella McCartney handbag
Sheer panel workout pants
Sheer panel workout crop top
Sparkly sweatshirt
Nike shoes

Photography by Jeremy Shelby

Stay cool,



Summer is in full effect and you know what that means? COLOR! Pops of bright colors are all the rage this summer. If you are not wearing color, you are not living life.


Clothes are like second skin, especially workout clothes. Wearing colorful workout gear can put you in a great mood and you will want to do that workout. I know that when I put on some bright gym gear, I feel cheerful and ready to tackle my workout.


In my last blog, I shared my passion for style with sustainability. I am all about Threads 4 Thought active wear. If you are just reading this for the first time, then hold onto your workout hat because I am about to blow you away by telling you what my colorful workout pants are made of. Would you believe me if I told you that these workout pants are made from recycled plastic bottles? (Insert gasp here) Yep! And would you believe me if I told you that they are THE most comfortable workout pants that I own? Yep! So comfortable, I couldn’t just buy one after wearing them, I bought a few more to add to my workout wardrobe.


Did you know that fashion is the third dirtiest industry on that planet? Yes. So I appreciate eco-friendly companies like Threads 4 Thought, they are here to change the industry with their ethical, sustainable fashion which improves the planet. Think about it, you can save the planet one workout at a time by choosing what you wear to gym! This is you can make a small difference every time you shop.


Being a Healthinista, I love fashion, especially fitness fashion! I not only choose to eat healthy and workout. I like to choose healthy workout clothes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly as well. I believe fashion should be manufacturing ethically. I love supporting companies that care about the environment, the animals, and people. It is easy not to think about this when you go to the mall or buy something online but, if you take the time and do a little research you can make a difference when you shop.



Here are the details to this workout outfit:
Workout crop pants
Purple cut out top
Yoga Smoga sports bra
Asics running shoes
SunWarrior water bottle
Photographer: Anthony Chiang

So go bright or go home,