Hi everyone! I’m Marzia. Welcome to my site. In a nutshell, my life began at 30! Before that, life was just a blur. I led an unhealthy life of fast food and negativity for so long, I was lost. Then one day my life changed. What changed you asked? Me. I actually begin living life in the moment and now I am a lover of life. I have so many incredible memories the moment I embraced who I am and I now I can’t get enough out of life. I have achieved some of my wildest dreams I never thought possible. A few things in my life that helped me start living were eating the right foods-I started feeling better and had more energy. Working out-I started feeling stronger in my own body. My husband-he believed in me when I didn’t and recognized my passion. Clothes- helps me express my current mood. Education-I feel like I can’t soak up enough education when it comes to my health.

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My passion for holistic health became my purpose in life. I became a certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist to help other people design their lives with fitness and food. Being healthy never goes out of style. It is my mission to help people see what they eat is what they wear. You only have one body. I think your body should be the sexiest outfit you own; stylish clothes are just a bonus.

So far I have had a wonderful career in health and fitness and I can’t wait to see how I evolve and where this road will lead me. I would love for you to join me on this journey. Everything I post on my blog is what I believe 100% in. I will not post anything I don’t believe in. At this point in my life, I don’t believe in selling out. I have worked too hard to be where I am. This is my life in words and pictures. I love finding inspiration in my fab 5-fitness, food, fashion, freedom, and fun. Thanks for reading.

Healthy never goes out of style,


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