arctic-air arctic-air1 arctic-air2 arctic-air3 arctic-air4 arctic-air5Even though it looks like fall, it is officially winter here in Dallas. The air is arctic cold and all we are missing is the snow. If you are not from Texas, it does not snow in Dallas. Well, maybe an ice storm here and there but no snow. One could dream right? With that being said, time to break out the vegan puffer jacket and beanie over your cozy workout gear. If you like to take your workout outside, you will need extra layers. I like to run the trails in different areas in Dallas. This is the perfect running outfit.

Black vegan puffer coat: Patagonia
Black beanie: Athleta
Leggings: Athleta
Sweatshirt: Athleta
Black tanks under sweatshirt: Athleta
Black running shoes: Nike

Stay Warm,


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