I am writing this blog because I have been getting hundreds of messages from family, friends, clients, and fans asking if I am still vegan after watching Below Deck Mediterranean that aired last night. They show a scene where someone else orders beef nachos and then the clip to me and it looks like I am eating the “beef nachos”. They even go so far and say I have an alter ego that claims I am vegan but I really eat meat. Not cool at all Below Deck Med! Yes, I am vegan. No, I did not eat meat. They needed a story line for the new chef this season and guess who was an easy target? Yep! The vegan girl!

Our Level 3 Active Tribe with Below Deck Mediterranean Crew

Normally I would not care if you made fun of me being vegan or being healthy. I get made fun of being vegan on the daily. I have been living a plant-based lifestyle for close to 9 years now. Trust me, I can take it. I have thick skin, hell, I will even laugh with you. But when you “edit” me “eating meat” when I did not, that is where the laughing stops. Why do I care so much you ask? Because they edited me looking like a fake vegan for one. I don’t take that lightly. I have been living a meat-free lifestyle for 9 years now, I am certified plant-based nutrition coach, and my business is plant-based. I haven’t touched meat in 9 years, nor would I eat it on reality TV. They edited my personal belief system for entertainment purposes. Being vegan is my business, not just what I eat.

Goofing around in the galley with Chef Adam

Some of you are probably like well you signed up for a reality show, what did you think was going to happen? I get that. I really do. I signed up for it. I had an amazing time in Croatia, had a blast on the yacht, made new friends for life, and have great memories that will last a lifetime from that trip until the show aired and I saw that one scene. I was a little taken back they edited it that way. I know they needed drama with the charter guest to have content. I was an easy target. I wanted to write a different blog about my Croatia trip with Below Deck, but the overwhelming messages from you guys, I wanted to answer your question about that episode. You all had the same question. Are you still vegan? 

My nutritional profile and request

All the girls on the charter ate meat except me. A few girls were gluten-free. We are all health conscious in our different ways so making fun of our food in tolerances and beliefs was their story line. We all were cool with it. They knew I was vegan from my profile I gave them. Chef Adam made amazing vegan meals for me all charter or so I thought until I saw where he puts butter in the food. Was the butter really in mine too? Or was it for the other girls’ food? I guess we will never know from the editing they do.

My vegan meals that Chef Adam made for me

Overall I thought it was funny, except that little part that is totally false about me. I wanted to clear the air with everyone who reached out and asked about it after watching it. I don’t blame the crew at all. Captain Sandy, the crew, and the chef were awesome! I blame the people who edit the show.

An unforgettable trip with amazing women

There is still one more episode, not sure how they will edit me in that one either. Their editing skills are so great, you just never know. Tune into next Tuesday at 8 pm with me to find out on Bravo. I am just as curious as you are! I better brace myself.

Peace & Veggies,


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