Are you ready to get your shift together?

Want to reinvent yourself? Mind and body? I can help you shift your mindset and shape your body in the 21 day Shift Shop program.

Ask yourself…
Are you struggling in a rut?
Are you unmotivated?
Do you need guidance?
Do you need to get your shift together?

If you said yes to any of these then I can help you. Let me help you find the best version of you.

What is the Shift Shop?

Chris Downing and I want to help you!

21 days of…
Nutrition guide and meal plans
Workout program for all levels
Work through mental challenges 
Kick ass accountibiltiy group to cheer you on
Coached by ME!

Get down with a whole new you!

Email: and put “SHIFT SHOP” in subject line.

Time to get your shift together!


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